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MAFELEC, 60 years experience in Aeronautics




PETERCEM develop and manufactures electro mechanical solutions for harsh environments which are used in international projects in the Space , Defence, Energy and Industries.

The products designed, developed and manufactured fulfill the requirements concerning applications in harsh environments  :

Aeronautics, such as landing gears, thrust reversers, flaps,noses, stabilisers etc.
Terrestrial vehicules and military aircraft, such as door controls, weapon detectors,turret position etc 
Navy applications such as ballast control, air valves, position of periscope etc.
Space Industry such as safety valves for satellites.


PETERCEM products are used in major aviation projects such as Airbus A380 , Boeing 787, COMAC 919  and in space applications for example satellites or Ariane V.

For the Navy, Petercem products can be found in submarines such as Barracuda or Scorpene.

PETERCEM is specialized in markets where electromechanical solutions are specified, designed manufactured and approved (with the cooperation of its trustworthy partners). These switch solutions satisfy the demanding requirements in terms of shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, and radiation etc.


• The documentation is also an important part and support throughout project development.This can be included in the presentation and is unlimited( procedure approval,prototypes,tests and approval reports, schedules, the declaration of design and performance, calculations and analysis, risk analysis, reliability calculations etc…)