Peripheral equipment

Peripheral equipment

Position detection and time counting for harsh environments

Present on various defense vessels, submarines, surface ships, military aviation or tanks, peripheral equipment are systems such as winches, radios, hoists or remote controlled turrets.

These equipments are subjected to severe environments, among which we can mention

  • Shock and vibration resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Pressure resistance
  • Resistance to wide temperature ranges
  • Electromagnetic compatibility.

Detecting the position of a part or a limit switch is necessary at various locations on these equipments, as well as an hourly count, and this requires robust and reliable solutions.

Solutions adapted to your needs

For position detection, PETERCEM Switches has a range of electromechanical microswitches as well as the ability to manufacture inductive sensors in plastic (PEEK) according to specific requirements.

The Z3, T3 and G3 ranges of microswitches have been used on the peripheral equipment of defense buildings for over 50 years. Integrated in waterproof or hermetic housings or adapted to fit perfectly in the available space, our microswitches are adapted to the needs of your project, developed and tested in compliance with environmental and normative requirements.

In addition, for hourly counting for preventive maintenance, PETERCEM Switches provides hourly counters that are suitable for all types of equipment, including military aviation. They can be mounted on optronic balls.