Our expertises

Our expertise

We specialize in markets with high requirements in terms of shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, radiation, etc. Our electromechanical switching solutions are specified, designed, qualified and manufactured to meet these requirements.

Petercem defines and carries out dedicated qualification programs, in partnership with its customers. This documentation is composed of :

  • Reports and qualification tests,
  • Design and performance statements,
  • Analysis of failure modes and their effects,
  • Reliability calculations

This is a major part of our performance and support for any project development.

Our means of production

Within our company, 2 different production approaches exist:

  • Mass production based on automated processes and industrial methods.
  • Low-volume production based on manual and flexible assembly processes, with a focus on flexibility and customized solutions.

By taking both processes into account, we are able to meet our customers’ requirements in terms of design and development, quality, commercial and logistic aspects.

Our hermetic microswitches are manufactured in an ISO 8 and ISO 9 clean room dedicated only to the production of this type of cells.

Nos laboratoires de test

Nous pouvons effectuer différents types de tests en interne, grâce à notre banc d’essai automatisé, ou au sein de nos sociétés sœurs MAFELEC ou PETERCEM Sensors :

  • Tests mécaniques : forces d’actionnement, déplacements de chaque microcontact
  • Tests électriques : isolation, résistante diélectrique
  • Tests d’herméticité : test à la bulle ou à l’hélium
  • Tests tropicaux : température élevée, humidité > 90%
  • Tests d’endurance : selon exigences techniques des clients, nous pouvons tester le produit pendant sa durée de vie (100 000 cycles ou plus)