Weapon systems

Weapon systems

Partner of your reliability

Whether it is to detect the physical presence of a missile, the position of a turret, the presence of ammunition or the locking or unlocking status of a weapon, PETERCEM Switches’ electromechanical microswitches have been installed for more than 50 years on a multitude of weapon systems. They meet the requirements of these applications and are recognized for their reliability.

Robustness and customization

For position detection, PETERCEM has a range of electromechanical microswitches as well as the ability to manufacture inductive sensors in plastic (PEEK) according to specific requirements.

Thanks to their small size and their resistance to shocks and vibrations, the Z3, T3 and G3 electromechanical microswitches are used on weapon systems, with, if necessary, an adaptation of the mechanical and electrical interfaces in order to correspond exactly to the needs of the project and the environmental and normative requirements.

Our customers are looking for reliable and durable products that our position sensing products fully meet.