« Art frees the life imprisoned by man»
Gilles Deleuze

This winged unicorn by  Livio Benedetti represents quite accurately what we wish to attain as far as our company project is concerned.The purity of the cubic shapes combines with the softenss of the curves, the perfection of the bronze plaque which breathes life itself, are representative of our technical solutions.
The flexibilty, elegance and precision for detail which shine from this work ,echo the service we wish to provide to our customers, partners,suppliers and employees.
The beauty and purity of this imaginary work symbolises , for us, the strength of our values: Positive, Creative, Reactive. The combination of robustness, the innate power and sensitivity of this animal in search of flight, illustrates all the potential we have ahead of us.

Today we are a mobilzed and free-hearted team.

 We specialize in the design of electro-electrotechnical components, sub-assemblies and equipment designed to operate in the most constraining environments.
Our products are tailored to your needs and are designed for applications in harsh environments: sealing, shock / vibration, climatic, electromagnetic interference....



Petercem the market leader

 Energy, Aeronautics, Defence, Naval.


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